Precinct Polling Locations

Morgan County Polling Locations

Precinct 1

North East Morgan
Morgan County Rec Department
1253 College Drive, Madison

Precinct 4

Central Morgan
Morgan County DFACS
2005 S. Main Street, Madison

Precinct 7

North Morgan            Gibbs Memorial Baptist Church
1041 Church Street, Bostwick

Precinct 2

East Morgan
Buckhead Baptist Church
1061 Parks Mill Road, Buckhead

Precinct 5

Clacks Chapel Fire Station
2301 Broughton Road, Newborn

Precinct 3

Bethany-Springfield Fire Station
4291 Seven Islands Road, Madison

Precinct 6

West Morgan
Centennial Baptist Church
5321 Brownwood Road, Rutledge

Morgan County Advance Voting

Board of Elections & Registration Office

434 Hancock Street, Madison

Municipal Polling Locations


Bostwick Fire Station
1180 Wellington Street


Buckhead Fire Station
4741 Buckhead Road


City of Madison Public Safety Building
160 N Main Street


Rutledge Fire Station
214 Fairplay Street

Advance Voting

Board of Elections and Registration Office
434 Hancock Street

This page is for general public information purposes only and is not intended to be a complete listing of election laws, dates, and policies that govern elections and voter registration in Morgan County and in Georgia.