Conservation Use

Important Facts

  • Conservation Use is serious matter. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Conservation Use is available for properties in which the primary purpose of 50% or more of the property is good faith production of an agricultural product or timber.
  • Conservation Use is a covenant between the property and the county.
  • The covenant lasts for ten years.
  • The fee for each application for Conservation Use cost $12.
    • This fee is a recording fee. All applications are reviewed thoroughly by the appraisal staff and the Board of Assessors.
  • A breach of the Conservation Use Covenant can result in severe penalties.
  • The penalty is twice the amount saved for every year a savings was enjoyed.
    • In other words, if a property was approved in 2005 for Conservation Use and a breached occurred in 2009, the breach penalty would be for a total of five years.
  • If a property is in Conservation Use and then sold, the purchaser of the property must sign a continuation application.
  • This continuation application is reviewable by the Board of Assessors and is not automatic.
  • No pre-approvals or guaranteed acceptance on possible real estate transactions are offered or considered.
  • If a property is in Conservation Use and the owner decides to change the agricultural use or let the property lay fallow, the owner shall notify the Tax Assessor's Office.
  • Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 48-5-7.4 has the laws covering Conservation Use.