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History of the Public Safety Center
In 2007, the Morgan County Board of Commissioners contracted with Precision Planning of Lawrenceville, Georgia, to complete a needs assessment for a new Adult Detention Facility.

After inspecting the existing detention facility, it was determined that it would be quite cost prohibitive to retrofit and expand the existing detention center. Therefore, a decision was made to erect a new facility, so a search for a site resulted in two locations: Site 1 - the landfill located on Athens Highway and Site 2 - a piece of property located on Amtico Road within the city limits of Madison. However, neither site was optimum as Site 1 created a land lock situation were the Adult Detention Center could not be expanded when needed and also there were foundation concerns due to the proximity of the site to the landfill. The site 2 owner of the property was unwilling to negotiate once it was released that it was a possible Adult Detention Center.

The only option available was to retrofit an existing structure large enough to house the Adult Detention Center and other county department as well as to allow for any future expansion known as the Denon Building. The Denon Building was built in 1986 as a CD manufacturing facility which was added on in 1996. The total square footage of 186,000 square feet met the minimum requirements being sought by the county.  Due to changes in technology, Denon was interested in selling the property and Morgan County purchased it after it was determined that a retrofit of the structure was feasible.

In 2008, the Morgan County Board of Commissioners choose Pond Inc. to design the Morgan County Public Safety Center.  Mr. Ray McFadden was appointed construction manager and after the final design was approved by the Board of Commissioner's, demolition began in 2009. The projected construction costs were estimated at $19.5 million dollars. In April of 2010, less than 12 months after construction began, the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

On April 5, 2010, the Morgan County Board of Commissioners hosted a Grand Opening Ceremony and later that evening, 40 local citizens spent the night at the new Morgan County Public Safety Center.